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Friday, 8 November 2013

Gerrard or Lampard

These two legends of English football have been around for over a decade now and have both delighted their fans for as many years, but the question remains, who is better?

Frank Lampard has been a Chelsea hero for years, he has scored over 200 goals for Chelsea in all competitions making him Chelsea’s all time goal-scorer. Lampard has won of array of trophies including 1 Champions League and 4 Premier League titles, he also has many individual accolades such as the PFA player of the year.

Steven Gerrard is considered to be one of Liverpool’s greatest ever players and is also no stranger to accolades, he has scored over 100 goals for Liverpool. Trophies won by Gerrard include 2 FA cups and 1 Champions League, Gerrard has also won the prestigious PFA player of the year award.

Both players have been capped over 100 times for England although Gerrard leads the way having being capped on 107 occasions, 5 more than Lampard on 102. Lampard leads the goals however with 29 to Gerrard’s 21.

Although the stats suggest Lampard is the superior player this is not necessarily the case, Gerrard has not won a Premier League title, a shame for a player of his stature, but this does not mean Lampard is the better player, the players around Lampard at Chelsea over the years have been better than Gerrard’s team-mates at Liverpool.

Gerrard is a more all-round player than Lampard, he is more of a box-to-box midfielder whereas Lampard generally plays in a more attacking role, hence the far better goal return.

Steven Gerrard has effectively carried Liverpool for the majority of his career but Lampard has been a good player in a great team for most of his time at Chelsea and has never really had to take major responsibility for results.

The Champions League final of 2005 was the highlight of Gerrard’s career and shows why Lampard is not on the same level, Gerrard completely turned the game for Liverpool and inspired a fantastic comeback something that Lampard has never done.

The main difference between the two is, Liverpool play well when Gerrard plays well whereas, Lampard plays well when Chelsea play well.

They are both nearing the end of their careers now but there is no doubt they are both legends of the English game.