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Monday, 23 March 2015

How will Gerrard be remembered?

It really has been head in hands for Gerrard in the last year.
Mike Tyson was one of the very best boxers of his generation holding the record for the youngest fighter to win WBA, WBC and IBF titles but when most people think of him that's not what comes to mind, instead his career as a boxer is memorable because he bit Evander Holyfield’s ear off, a much darker moment in his career. Steven Gerrard hasn't gone as far as biting anyones ear off but after so many bad moments in his last year and a half as a Liverpool player, is that what most people are going to remember him for?

Steven Gerrard is arguably the greatest ever Liverpool player, he has achieved so much throughout his career but his high profile mistakes recently may tarnish his lasting legacy. The reality is people remember the last thing you do, for example Zidane, one of the worlds finest ever footballers but because of a rash headbutt he is remembered as the man who cost his country the World Cup because of a moment of madness and Gerrard could be heading down this route.

Effectively in the past year Gerrard lost Liverpool the league title with that famous slip, he ended England’s World Cup hopes with his mistimed header leading to Suarez’s goal for Uruguay and his stamp on Sunday leading to a defeat at the hands of Manchester United may well have cost them a place in the top4 and next years Champions League, a goal they looked like achieving before Sundays defeat. It really has been a horrible year for the 34-year-old, maybe even a career defining one.

You sense with Gerrard that he is almost trying too hard to end his career on a massive high and that it is leading to these catastrophic blunders, at 1-0 down on Sunday Gerrard was introduced and he no doubt thought this could one of his big moments, it was probably the last time he will ever face his fiercest rivals and he wanted to make it special. Instead he was so fired up for the game that he couldn't control his emotions and ultimately saw red after 38 seconds for his stamp, an unforgivable offence.

Gerrard’s career to this point has been full of moments of magic, take the goal against Olympiakos for example or the Champions League final in Istanbul but his chances of ending it on a high are slipping away with a potential FA cup final the only real opportunity for one more fairytale for Gerrard as a Liverpool player.

In the eyes of Liverpool fans he will always be a legend and rightfully so, he is one of the best midfielders ever to grace the Premier League and deserves credit. However with such high profile mistakes the rest of the country and even world may well remember Gerrard as the man who cost Liverpool the League title.