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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Is Sterling worth over 100k a week?

It has been headline news  when it comes to Raheem Sterling and his refusal to sign the contract Liverpool have offered him, believed to be £90,000 a week, instead Sterling wants almost double that, but is the 20 year old worth that kind of money?

There is very few 20 year olds in world football that warrant earning over £100,000 a week and there is some serious doubts as to whether Sterling is one of them. Sterling has been good this season but you wouldnt go as far as saying he has had a great season, in the Premier League he has 6 goals and 7 assists, a good return but nothing special, form that doesn't exactly warrant a huge contract like the one he is seeking.

Recently his form has dipped, with Sturridge getting back to full fitness his role as a striker looks to be over and he is now back to playing as an attacking midfielder or wing back as we saw on Sunday against United when he was particularly poor. Sterling has not scored since mid February when he netted against Southampton. The ongoing contract saga may be affecting his game and with it set to drag on it will only hinder him. His attitude recently has looked wrong and hasn't gone down well with the fans, at times he looks disinterested and it won't be long until the Anfield faithful completely turn on him if he keeps this poor form up.

Rodgers has previously labelled Sterling as the best young player in Europe and that is sure to be a negotiating method to get more money but is that statement true? Technically Sterling is a strong player but at times his end product lets him down and his poor crossing is never good for a winger. In a tight match when you need someone to step up you would rarely look to Sterling to turn the tide. There is no doubting he is a very good player but you almost feel he could turn out to be another Aaron Lennon, and in terms of saying he is the best young player in Europe, he isn't in the same bracket as Paul Pogba or Mario Gotze. You could even argue he's not the best young player in England with Harry Kane making a good claim for that title with his recent form.

Should Sterling continue to play hardball over this contract Liverpool may well have to consider letting him leave, there would be no shortage of clubs ready to take him but at this point in his career and based on his recent performances he just doesn't seem worth the money he feels he deserves.