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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Two Ashes in one year a joke!

The Ashes currently taking place in Australia is the second Ashes series of the calendar year, the first one being held in England during the summer. Having a major event such as The Ashes twice in one year seems ridiculous to most, and takes away from the series itself.

The series traditionally occurs every two years but is being held twice this year due to Australia hosting the World Cup in 2015.

The main draw to the Ashes series was usually the fact it was a meaningful series that came around every two years but staging it twice in the one year takes away from the event itself.

It almost makes the Ashes a pointless event and turns it into just another test match, although the Australian’s felt they would be unable to hold a World Cup and an Ashes series in the one year this is certainly not a great alternative.

Another problem with the Ashes in general is the urn that is rewarded to the winning team, although the urn is a special feature of the series, for an uninformed viewer the size of the urn demeans the winning of the test.

The sight of the team celebrating while the captain holds a tiny urn is laughable and takes away from the seriousness of the series that is steeped in such history.

Cricket is a minority sport and little things like staging arguably one of the biggest events in World cricket twice in one calendar year, and rewarding the winner with a tiny urn does not encourage or inspire young people to play the game.