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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Can Balotelli fit Liverpool?

Mario Balotelli is due to complete his transfer from A.C Milan to Liverpool in the coming days, this will undoubtedly raise questions on whether he is the right man for the team.

The quoted price of 16 million pounds is not in question, a player of Balotelli’s quality is worth that seemingly small risk compared to most transfer fees in the current market.

Balotelli is most commonly known for his days at Liverpool’s rivals, Manchester City, where he caused trouble and gave the fans moments of brilliance. Liverpool’s fans will be hoping to see a lot more moments of brilliance and far less of the troublesome side which we have become accustomed to.

It is clear that Liverpool are keen to make sure Balotelli concentrates on his performance and not the ugly side of his game by promising him a large wage hike should he behave, should the opposite occur he could potentially lose up to 2 million a year.

Whether he likes it or not Balotelli will be compared to the man he is coming to replace, Luis Suarez. The two are both very similar fiery characters but could not be any more different in terms of there footballing strengths.

Balotelli is a big physical threat, strong in the air, a handful for any defender as England found out in this summers European Championships where he scored the winner for Italy in the group stage. Suarez on the other hand is far more of a threat with the ball at his feet.

The big question remains can Balotelli connect with fellow striker Daniel Sturridge who had a phenomenal partnership with former teammate Suarez, also can Balotelli blend in with the fast free flowing style of Liverpool alongside the aforementioned Sturridge, Sterling and Coutinho?

Balotelli is, generally speaking, someone who plays the game at his own place, a sometimes laboured pace, this would have to change should Balotelli be a big hit at Anfield.

As with all their players the Liverpool fans will get fully behind Balotelli a support that could drive him to great things in a red shirt.

At 16 million Balotelli, a 24 year old with so much experience and potential, is certainly a risk worth taking. Could Liverpool finally be the home where he fulfils his massive potential? Only time will tell but one thing is certain: Balotelli will bring excitement to the Premier League that might have left with Suarez and excite all its fans.